2 Corinthians

What can you do when life isn’t working out as you hoped? 

We live in a world where ‘might is right’ - and where a person's worth depends on their success. 

And so our weaknesses leave us feeling vulnerable. And our failures make us feel as if we will never measure up. 

And yet in the life and death of Jesus we find these paradigms are turned upside down. 

For he’s God and yet he made himself vulnerable.

He’s mighty and yet he endured a humiliating death on a Roman cross. 

His great triumph came at the moment of his greatest weakness. 

And so in him we find a security and strength that can’t be shaken. 


That’s what this new sermon series on 2 Corinthians 10-13 is about. 

It’s called Grace and Weakness.

And it’s about finding Jesus strength in the midst of our weakness - and trusting in his victory in the face of our failures.