Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed…”  Romans 12:2a

We are all being shaped. However we are not always aware of the forces which shape us. We are often influenced by worldviews unconsciously as we buy into the vision of human flourishing which they promote and develop patterns of behaviour which are in line with that vision as we seek ways to satisfy our desires. But there's a feedback loop between our desires and our behaviour.Our desires drive our behaviour but our behaviour also reshapes our desires.   

According to James K. A. Smith our “cultural rhythms and routines... aren’t just things we do; they do something to us”. They “train us” to long for a certain vision of the good life. 


  • what visions of the good life does our culture promote? 
  • what are the “cultural rhythms and routines” that we are living out? 
  • how are they shaping us to be more - or less - like Jesus?

These are the kind of questions we’ll be grappling with over the next four weeks in our next sermon series called “Getting into shape”. 

Each week we’ll examine a worldview which shapes our culture. And then we’ll see how the gospel provides a superior vision of human flourishing which drives us to develop a more Jesus-shaped life.