1. What’s a typical weekday look like for you?

I guess a typical weekday for me can look quite different from day-to-day. I work casually as a history teacher, so I can be called in any day. If I'm not working then I like to read books, go for a bike ride or work on one of the projects that I periodically return to. I suppose I do some chores as well.

2. What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?

I have trouble sticking to one hobby, so I tend to cycle between a bunch of things I love doing. My favourite thing to do is to read books but I also enjoy playing board games, watching movies, playing the guitar, drinking craft beer and of course hanging out with my wife, Deb. A couple of things that I have been doing recently (if you are particularly sensitive to nerd culture stop reading now) ... Playing Dungeons and Dragons is great fun and I have a group that I meet up with once a week. Basically, if you haven't heard of DnD, it is an imagination-based role playing game set in a fantasy context. I have also been working on a writing a book very slowly. I have a story that I have visualised, and I'm going through the process of building the world in which I want my characters to inhabit.

3. What’s one reason the Gospel means so much to you?

One reason the Gospel means so much to me... A good question. I'd have to say the prime reason is the hope that a risen saviour gives life to. I have a rather pessimistic and depressive nature and I've struggled in the past with staying hopeful whilst the evils in this world, brought about by our sinful natures, seem to bombard us every day. I find that being reminded that Jesus was resurrected bodily gives me confidence that the world will be put to rights and the faithful will also be resurrected.

4. What excites you about the new 6pm service?

The new 6pm service is a really exciting prospect! It's a great opportunity to reach out to a demographic that has seen a drop in church attendance rate. There are heaps of young people in Five Dock and I'm excited about the idea of getting to meet new people and share something of our hope. I am also excited about being a part of the community in Five Dock and trying to make our presence as a church known.