Parenting Goals

August 3rd 5-7pm
Megan Winch, our families pastor and parent of 3 almost grown up kids, will be speaking about how to make the most of the opportunities you have to connect with your kids and create meaningful memories with them.

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Wine, Cheese and and Conversation about Extremism and God

May 31st 7:30-9:30pm

Religion is widely blamed for much of the violent extremism in our world, both today and in the past. All religions declare that peace and reconciliation are their goals, yet all too often they appear to exacerbate conflicts. Does religion lead to violence? What is the relationship between extremism and God? Is the Christian faith any different? And is extremism always bad?

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Freedom Sunday

September 24th

A special service with guest speakers from International Justice Mission. Come be informed about slavery and God’s desire to bring hope and freedom to every enslaved child, woman and man, until all are free.

Services at 10am & 6pm

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