Wine, Cheese and a Conversation About Australians and God


Who are we as Australians? 

Australians have always had a tricky relationship with national identity. We know the stereotypes: ‘mateship’, the ‘lucky country’, the ‘Aussie battler.’ But none of these feel rich enough to deal with who we are today: a multicultural people, Indigenous and settlers together, in an increasingly complex world.

When it comes to faith, we imagine that Australians have always been skeptical about religion and God. But is that the whole picture? Where does Christianity fit into our history, and what place should it have in our future?

On this evening, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, or simply sit and listen to what other people have to say. This event is for everyone - from the skeptically minded to the Christian believer. All welcome.

Panellists include:

Meredith Lake - Historian, broadcaster and 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Award winner for The Bible in Australia: a cultural history (2018).

Thursday 14 November 2019 | 7:30-9:30pm

St John’s Anglican Church Ministry Centre, 81 Alt St Ashfield

Cost: $10 includes nibbles and a drink on arrival

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