Romans: The Gospel of God


The Gospel of God
Readings: Romans 1:1-7
Speaker: Matt Steele
18 February 2018

The letter which we call “Romans” was written by the apostle Paul in around 56AD to the fledgling church in Rome which was being torn apart by internal divisions between Jewish and non-Jewish Christians. Paul seeks to articulate the gospel to them in such a way that it would unite them in Christ and mobilise them to support gospel mission to those who had not yet heard about Jesus. The unifying theme of this letter is the good news that God has appointed Jesus Christ as Lord to fulfil his promise to bring justice to our fractured world. Thus Jesus is the one who will set every wrong right. He is the judge who will hold us accountable for fracturing our relationship with God. And he is the Saviour whose death wins forgiveness and life for all who put their trust in him. And so the message of Romans is extremely timely for us. For we too live in a context where people are fractured in relation to God and each other. So like those early Christians in Rome we too can find hope in this good news.   
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