Serving on Sundays

Many people contribute to our Sunday services at 10am at St Albans.
By completing this form you can let us know if you would like to START, STOP or CONTINUE serving in the variety of roles listed below.


Here’s how it works.

Two weeks before a month is rostered, you will receive an email asking for your availability for the coming month. (actually we ask you to just indicate any dates when you are NOT available).

According to your monthly ‘availability reply’ and the tasks you indicate you are willing to do, the roster is done and sent to all on it. Usually people are rostered on to do one or two tasks a month.

The exception to this is kids’ church. With the two school-aged groups we like to allocate people for a block of 4 or 5 weeks so the kids have continuity. However, we recognise not everyone can commit to serve for a block like this and so we also need people to serve on a more occasional basis.


Please choose as many roles as you like, and leave others as n/a. The more roles you choose the more flexibility we have to cover gaps in the roster. 

Name *
This role involves arriving 20 minutes early to prepare. Welcome signs are put out on the footpaths, service sheets may need to be collated. The key task is to welcome people as they arrive and hand out the service sheets. The welcomer also counts how many people are present. At the 10am service the welcomer hands around the offertory bags and then after the service counts the money with another person and completes the service register. 6pm welcomers need to bring in the welcome signs before they leave. It might sound like a lot but it’s actually quite straight forward and you will be shown these tasks when you do welcoming for the first time.
Audio-visual (AV)
The AV person checks the sound while the musicians practise and during the service, They arrive 30 minutes before the service and pack up the sound desk afterwards. This person also operates the slides and videos on the screen. Rich is able to help train people for this role but a basic affinity with technology is helpful
Reading the Bible
It is important people hear the Bible read clearly and meaningfully. The Bible reader receives the readings in advance so they can prepare before the service.
Leading in Prayer
Leading in prayer at church involves planning in advance the things that we as a congregation should ask or give thanks for, and then leading the congregation in bringing these matters before God.
Morning Tea at 10am
Two people do morning tea together. This involves bringing food and milk. What you bring can be as simple as you like. Some people like to bake, some people don’t. Coffee, tea and sugar are supplied. It takes about 20 minutes to set up before the service starts and then time after the service to clean up. There is a dishwasher. If you are new to this, you are usually on with someone who has done morning tea before.
Playing Music/Helping Lead Singing
If you have some musical ability there are various ways in which you can contribute to our music in the service. If you tick the box Rich will explore the options with you. Professional experience not required!
Little Kids Church at 10am
Our babies and preschoolers are cared for each Sunday in the Parish centre. Before the service, the room needs to be set up with toys and tables and chairs for craft. There is a short Bible story, prayer and sometimes songs. They have a simple morning tea. Two people share these activities between them. Most of the time is supervising free play. Lesson materials are provided for you to use. A couple of people have asked to be on this group a few weeks at a time. If that is your preference please indicate ‘block’. If you don’t have any experience you will be on with someone who does. Megan will talk to you about ‘a working with children safety check’ if you don’t have one already.
Kids’ church - Infants/Primary and Junior High at 10am
It is a privilege to be able to teach our children about God - though of course not always easy! Our main need in this area is people who can teach in blocks of 4 or 5 weeks. We also need people who can fill in occasionally and help during school holidays. Material is provided with the Bible story and some ideas to make it interesting. The morning involves age appropriate learning and games. If you don’t have any experience you will be put with someone who does. Megan will talk to you about how to complete a ‘working with children safety check’ if you don’t have one already. We will also provide you with training and support for the role.
Supper at 6pm
Two people do supper together. This involves bringing food for the congregation to share and distributing it after the service is over. It also involves setting up the urn with tea and cups at the back of church. It takes about 10 minutes to set up before the service starts and then time after the service to clean up. You need to empty the bins in the church and kitchen and put new liners in them.There is a dishwasher in the kitchen if you need it. If you are new to this, you will usually be rostered on with someone who has done supper before. Or you can ask Jill or Megan if you’re not sure.